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'Failed: undefined is not a function' in protractor

I have been through various posts but unable to find a solution.


<div class="col-xs-3" ng-repeat="post in posts track by $index">
    <div class="well">
        <h3 class="postTitle">

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Ionic responsive grid doesn&#39;t work

I created a responsive grid in Ionic which doesn't work properly. The Grid is not responsive. So it isn't automatically adjusted on different screen size and set no linebreak if I add many Buttons or delete these to the/from the system. Either they...

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angularjs definitely typed visual studio 2015

I'm trying to get my first angularjs project to work within Visual Studio 2015. Worked fine until I tried to move to Typescript. Installed the DefinitelyTyped projects and get lots of error messages.

Here is how to reproduce it:

  • Create an empty...

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ng-pattern to allow spaces between words

I am looking for a regular expression that prevents special characters and only allows letters, numbers, dash (-), underscore (_) an space.

This regex works great but it doesn't allow for spaces between words.

For example, if enter "123 456", i...

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Ionic - How to store session token as globally (for app) accessible variable?

I know I can use localstorage or SQLite but I'm not sure how to exactly do that.

In my app, I'm getting the session token in the Login controller where I make post request to the server and in return get session token.

I'm not sure how to make this...

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Text Size Slider with AngularJS

I'm trying to change the font and the font size of an exact text, I got the changing the font part and changing the size but to two different texts. How can I apply both functions to on text.

This is my html

<div ng-controller="StylesCtrl">

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Angular throw error $parse: ueoe Unexpected End of Expression

This part of my site is with an error and i can't figure out, since i didn't change that in months.

The error is:

Error: [$parse:ueoe]$parse/ueoe?p0=event._id%3FEventController
    at Error (native)

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Angular Translate HTML tags

I know this has been asked here before but none of the answers seem to work for my case

I bought this theme Angle which is working with Angular 1.4.2 and Angular translate 2.6.0 (even updated to last 2.7.2)

The template by default has the Translate...

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AngularJS directive runs before element is fully loaded

I have a directive attached to a dynamically generated <table> element inside a template. The directive manipulates the DOM of that table inside a link function. The problem is that the directive runs before the table is rendered (by evaluating...

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Adding json object to $cookies - Angular JS

In the console my code is printing:

[Object, Object]

I can't drill down normally.

I have tried JSON.Parse and JSON.stringify without success.

My service that sets credentials:


'use strict';

// service that handles setting...

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Material Angular with NavBar not responsive on iPhone browser

I am new to Material Design using angular. I am using this code from codepen as a guide to learn Angular Material. What I have noticed is that it is responsive when rendered in the desktop browser using Chrome but behaves like normal html when...

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$ionicHistory.clearHistory clears the history but goes to previous view when hardwareBackButton clicked on android?

this is my code

.controller("HomeCtrl", function ($scope,$ionicHistory,SearchService) {

  $scope.history = $ionicHistory.viewHistory(); 
  $scope.clearhistory = function(){
    $scope.history =...

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How to disable input field?

I have this input field that is black.

<input class="form-control input-sm bg-light-black white" style="border:1px solid #1d1d1d;" ng-model="gameType" ng-init="gameType='@Translator.Translate("ALL")'" ng-model-options="{ debounce: 500 }">

I made it...

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How do I change the legend position?

I am new to AngularJS, I made donut pie chart using NDV3 and just want to move the legend to the right side but I can't get it working.

Now I tried to move legend to the right side of the donut pie chart by using legendposition, but it is not...

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Angular select with images


I need to insert flags inside the language select. I have searched in Google and StackOverflow but the solutions founded are not working for me.


In the controller:

 $scope.language_list = [{'name': 'english', 'url':...

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AngularJS remove empty value

What I'm trying to achieve:
List each value from an array without displaying the empty (Null) value.

e.g Item #1, Item #1, Item #2

Current Problems: I've tried several filters todo this task, but I can't remove the empty list item (see...

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Send HTTP Request only when network connection is available in ionic

I am working on ionic. I am sending multiple http requests.

I want to send http request only when network connection is available.

Sometime our network connection is available. while playing within app we do offline.

Can we detect this and how...

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How to do $scope.$apply() with the new `controller as` syntax?

In AngularJS they have $scope.$apply() method to update the UI when there's a model change that is not done through normal AngularJS means.

In the more recent tutorials they recommend using the <controller> as <object> style of instantiating the...

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How does one create an accordion dropdown menu in Angular Material?

If you go to the website, you will notice a very nice Accordion dropdown menu in the sidenav.

I'm trying to find a simplified version of this feature. I've looked into many examples it appears many of them are no longer...

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ngtable paging and sorting

I have the following problem using ngtable. When I make a http get request and I get data, everything works fine with ngtable, but it gives me no the possibility to order. But if I make a new http get request (without reload page). Then show me the...

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Define function inside Angular directive&#39;s isolated scope

I'm writing a custom <pagination> directive, which will return elements responsible for changing the current page and pagination settings (e.g. how many items will be displayed per page). The directive has isolated scope (to make it more...

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Link function in angular directive returning value

I have a directive which is a dropdown of countries that I will resuse across an application. I've created a link function so I can return the data to a controller, which is binding to a view that uses the directive....

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Is Angular JS a library or a framework?

While going through on-line documents about Angular JS in some of the documents they have mentioned Angular JS is not Library it is Frame Work but in some website they have mentioned Angular JS is Library.

Which one is Correct?

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Using typescript to create HTML using template

Trying out typescript, I want to achieve the following thing:

Getting a question text and a number from server and displaying it in DOM somewhere, using typescript.

Currently I have the following .ts file:

class QuestionResponse {

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How to split a string and use in `ng-repeat&#39;

From the back-end, I am getting a string as construction,apply - that means 2 words together.

Now I need to break them into 2 words and I need to use the ng-repeat. I created a filter to do that. It splits the string into an array with a length of 2,...

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