Error: Cannot find module '@ionic/app-scripts'


I'm new to Ionic. I was following the Ionic documentation "get started", created a project sample named "super". The problem is that when I run the command line ionic serve in the project directory, it threw an error Error: Cannot find module '@ionic/app-scripts'

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Try installing app-script from npm

npm i @ionic/app-scripts

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app-scripts cuurently compatible with node 6 and 7. İf you installed node 8 please uninstall and install node 6 stable version. This solved error and now i can use ionic3, angular 4 . Take care!

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I had this issue , i solved it by deleting node_modules/ folder and ran the command npm installnow my app works

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You must create the project as administrator if you have mac or linux uses sudo, if you have windows run the console as administrator and create the project

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