Selenium IDE. Cross-process JS call failed on click command


I have a SPA on AngularJS 1 and Selenium IDE 2.9.1 for functional testing.

There is button with onclick handler on a form. When I run some test scenario it crashes on click command on this button with message:

[error] Unexpected Exception: Error: cross-process JS call faild.

But the SPA reacts properly and do what it needs to do.

Next tests pass correctly, except one. So, I have no green light.

How can I handle this click`s behavior? Or what am I doing wrong?

Even If I call this button via keyPress with code 13 I have the same situation

·  [info] Executing: |keyPress | css=button | \13 |

·  [debug] Command found, going to execute keyPress

·  [debug] modifyWindow seleniumMarker1485501036924:selenium1485501041612

·  [debug] _getFrameElement: frameElement=null

·  [debug] modifySeparateTestWindowToDetectPageLoads: already polling this window: selenium1485501041612

·  [debug] getCurrentWindow newPageLoaded = false

·  [error] Unexpected Exception: Error: cross-process JS call failed.

·  [debug] commandError

·  [debug] testComplete: failed=true

·  [info] Test case failed
Problem courtesy of: d0as8


The issue could be the last Firefox released version. As I saw on these links:

There are two solutions:

  • Downgrade last version to the 50.0.1 release, in which the error was not thrown
  • Install Selenium IDE: Flow Control extension to Firefox
Solution courtesy of: fcjurado


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