How to close an Angular-ui-bootstrap uibModal on mouseleave using Factory?


I've recently switched all our modals directives in our app over to Angular-ui-Bootstrap modals. Much better, however running into a new style of modal which closes on mouseleave instead of a cancel click.

this.leaveTag = (tag) => {;

this.hoverTag = (tag) => {

Above is the view logic that calls functions inside of our TagHover Factory.

Below is the Factory, the TagHover.display works fine like with our other modals, but what I'm trying to do with the leaveTag > is call the modal.close. Not working so far.

My question is how do you call the close functionality within the TagHoverController, or close on the $uibModal from my tagsPanel component -> TagsHover Factory? (Without using $scope or $rootScope events)

I'm not trying to call close/cancel from within the TagHover Ctrl scope, but trying to call close from a Parent scope.

const TagHover = angular.module('tickertags-shared')
    .controller('TagHoverController', TagHoverController)
    .factory('TagHover', factory);

TagHoverController.$inject = [

function TagHoverController(
    TagHover) {

    this.$onInit = () => {
        console.log('TagHover onInit')

    this.cancel = () => this.$close();

factory.$inject = ['$uibModal'];

function factory($uibModal) {

    const display = () => {
        const modal = ${
            controllerAs: 'tghov',
            templateUrl: 'tags/tag_hover.html',
            windowClass: 'dash-modal',
            resolve: {},
            controller: 'TagHoverController'

    const off = () => {

    return {

module.exports = TagHover;

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Here are the docs

The open method returns a modal instance, an object with the following properties:

close(result) (Type: function) - Can be used to close a modal, passing a result.

I also logged out the $uibModal object and I only see an open function, no close :(

enter image description here

Problem courtesy of: Leon Gaban


This is wrong approach - you can not "just close modal", cause you dont tell which modal to close. I recommend you to redesign this...

You can have a look at $uibModalStack - it stores opened modals and have methods like dismisAll

Solution courtesy of: Petr Averyanov


In your case, Your are using Factory for dynamic Modal. so you can use $uibModalStack in the below two ways.

  1. $uibModalStack.dismissAll(); // dismiss all opened modal
  2. $uibModalStack.dismiss(openedModal.key); // dismiss modal by key

Example of dismiss Method.

var top = $uibModalStack.getTop();
if (top) {

It's very important to do dismissing the modal during router changes since its dynamic modal.

In general, $uibModal will help to open the modal then each modal is $uibModalInstance, if you want to close modal inside the modal.

Opening Modal on Event

  .controller('PageController', ['$uibModal',
    function($uibModal) {
      function onModalLink() {
          templateUrl: 'app/modals/paymentTpl.html',
          controller: 'PaymentModalController as vm',
          windowClass: 'generalModal myModal'

To Close from Instance.

  .controller('PaymentModalController', [
    function ChangeRepaymentController($uibModalInstance) {
      function onCancel() {

modalInstance - The modal instance. This is the same $uibModalInstance injectable found when using controller.

WIKI Reference:

Discussion courtesy of: Venkatraman

I use close() method with $uibModal and open() method for manage in AngularJS $uiModal

Open method

vm.lanzarPopShowTask = lanzarPopShowTask;
function lanzarPopShowTask(index){
    vm.modalInstance = ${
        animation: true,
        ariaLabelledBy: 'modal-title-top',
        ariaDescribedBy: 'modal-body-top',
        templateUrl: '/btask/index/task.html',
        size: 'm',
        controller: function ($scope) {
            vm.task = vm.tasks[index];
            vm.index = index;
        scope: $scope

And Close method

Discussion courtesy of: Samuel Ivan

This recipe can be found in it's original form on Stack Over Flow.