Can We work with Ionic 2 and AngularJs 1?


I like to develop applications using Ionic 2, but now I am working with angularJS 1 with Ionic 1.

I feel that AngularJs 1 is comfortable for me but not AngularJS 2, so is there any way to work with Ionic 2 and AngularJS 1?

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Unfortunately, no.

Ionic 2 is based on the new 2.x (and higher) version of AngularJS, and comes with many significant performance, usability, and feature improvements.

Ionic (1) at a very high-level is essentially just a wrapper & directive/component library for AngularJS (1). In that same regard, Ionic 2 is built in the same way, utilizing all the benefits of Angular 2+.

So basically, everything must be upgraded in order to get the benefits of Ionic 2. If everything you have is working, and performance isn't sluggish, there really is no reason to upgrade it, maybe if you were starting a new project (or the current project you have is small and it would be easy)

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You can use Angular js 2 and Ionic 2 RC for your development. Scotch Build a Mobile App with Angular 2 and Ionic 2 Update (September 30, 2016): Update article to recent ionic RC.0 releaseThis article has been updated to use Ionic 2 RC.0 ReleaseThe Ionic Framework... (33KB)

Since Ionic 2 RC will be forward compatible with Ionic 2 official release Most of the time Enterprise will wait till an official release comes out

but RnD developers use RC packages also you dnt have to worry..

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Ionic 2 breaks away from being tied to the DOM in the browser, by using angular 2 which is the reason for the massive change between ionic 1.x and ionic 2.x. ( Angular 2.x architecture is not tied down to the DOM unlike the Angular 1.x ).

Although that means having to relearn and unlearn a lot of angular 1.x stuff, but this is a fundamental change that the ionic team has taken up in order to break away from the performance issues that has plagued ionic 1 and certainly well worth it. Now that the ionic 2 platform is stable well almost and certainly far better in performance to ionic 1, migrating is certainly a recommended option.

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