How can i make bar & pie charts in angular js


I want to make charts, bar chart and pie chart. it has to take inputs from user and maps that input to the chart on run time. Chart has to able to make changes as the user changing it on run time. it will be a great help. Thanks

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You can use

  1. Angular chart (using Chart.js)
  2. Angular charts using D3
  3. Angular-nvD3
  4. You can use Google Charts also. You can use it with AngularJS
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I use data driven documents there is also a good pluralsight course on getting started if you have a subscription.

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There are plenty of charting modules out there to choose from.

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You can use the D3 library to write your own SVG data charts and then wrap them in Angular directives


You can use the Angular-nvd3 (it already has pie and bar charts) directives who already wrap D3 all you need is to define chart options and input your data

if you rather work with Canvas than SVG, there is vis.js

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