Angular $cookieStore not retaining updated cookie on refresh


I'm having issues with $cookieStore retaining a cookie value after updating it. Here are two methods of a UserService that deals with the cookie:

var getCurrentUser = function () {
    return $cookieStore.get('currentUser');

var updateCurrentUser = function () {
    return $http.get(baseUrl + 'api/session').then(function (response) {
    }, function (response) {
        $rootScope.$broadcast('currentUser', null);

Throughout my app, after an action is executed that would affect the current user's meta data, I call UserService.updateCurrentUser() which retrieves the latest user data from the server and updates that cookie. Then, in places that display the user data, I have the following code that will update the user model in that particular controller:

$scope.$on('currentUser', function (event, data) {
    $scope.user = data;

As I step through the code, everything appears to be working correctly. After the $cookieStore.put('currentUser',; line runs, the updated value can be confirmed by checking $cookieStore.get('currentUser'). When I check the actual cookie using a browser tool, however, the cookie value is not updated. I'm not sure if the browser tool requires a refresh to show the new data. But when I refresh the page, the updated cookie value is also no where to be seen. What is going on?

Thanks in advance.

Problem courtesy of: im1dermike


Check out the documentation adding a cookie using $cookie service:

put(key, value, [options]);

The third argument allows additional options:

  • path (string)
  • domain (string)
  • expires (date)
  • secure (boolean)

You should set "expires" to define when the cookie should expire, otherwise the cookie will expire when you refresh or leave the site.

$cookies.put("id", 1, {
    expires: new Date(2016, 1, 1)

Also the service is now called $cookies. Since Angular 1.4 your can now set expiry. Until then it wasn't possible.$cookies

Solution courtesy of: David Spence


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