Angularjs get length of returned filter in ng-repeat


I'm using ng-repeat to create a list of entires and using a filter.

Is it possible to get the number of entries returned, like a length

    data-ng-repeat="entry in entries | filter: { country_code : countryCode }"
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It is little bit tricky, use ng-init:

ng-init="filter_len = (entries | filter: { country_code : countryCode }).length" 


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I suppose the following code will work for you:

<p>Filtered number: {{(entries|filter:{country_code:countryCode}).length}}</p> <p>Total number: {{entries.length}}</p>

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As you know filter responsible to "filter" the input list and it returns filtered list where objects have the same structure. Otherwise you get digest cycle reentering that causes Exceptions (aka > 10 cycles).

1st way

Get length after filtering:

<pre>{{(entries| myfilter:types).length }}</pre>

See Example

2nd way

Use custom filter and get length from there.

iApp.filter('myfilter', function() {

   return function( entries) {
    var filtered = [];

    angular.forEach(entries, function(entry) {

    // here fetch list length

    return filtered;
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This recipe can be found in it's original form on Stack Over Flow.