Jasmine - any boolean (jasmine.any(Boolean))


I write unit tests for angular using karma, jasmine. Try to write:


but got:

Expected true to equal <jasmine.any(function Boolean() { [native code] })>.

mm.. maybe i do something wrong) or is it another way to write test for value in that case:

if (true or false) - passed, if any other - fail

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I think what you need is a custom Matcher something like this:

toBeBoolean : function () {
  return {
    compare : function (actual, expected) {
      return {
        pass : (typeof actual === 'boolean'),
        message : 'Expected ' + actual + ' is not boolean'

How to create a Custom Matcher

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For me, the marked solution isn't correct. At least not for the way I expect it to be used. I did it like this:

    toBeBoolean: function () {
        return {
            compare: function (actual, expected) {
                return {
                    pass: typeof actual === 'boolean',
                    message: 'Expected ' + actual + ' is not boolean'

because you are not passing an expected value, just the actual. So the way you would invoke this is:

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I would expect your code work as expected but obviously it seems like jasmine behaves a little weird in this case.

I would recommend you the following workaround:

expect(typeof item).toEqual('boolean');

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Also possible with:

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This recipe can be found in it's original form on Stack Over Flow.