Cannot connect to web server with node.js


I'm trying to follow the Angular tutorial and I can't pass step 00 part 2. I used node.js and try to run the command scripts/web-server.js. It just shows me "..." and when I go to the local host port 8000 it says couldn't connect.

any ideas?

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You just need to:

git clone git://
cd angular-phonecat
node ./scripts/web-server.js
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Go to and follow the steps there. Specifically do the following - In command prompt navigate to your solution directory - i.e. Users\"<>"\angular-phonecat and run

npm install

This command will download the following tools, into the node_modules directive:

Bower - client-side code package manager

http-server - simple local static web server

Karma - unit test runner

protractor - end 2 end test runner

and then run the following command -

npm start

and now you should be able to navigate to localhost:8000/app/index.html on your browser !

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So the URL you are meant to enter into the browser is actually http://localhost:8000/angular-phonecat/app/index.html

It depends on the directory you are in, if you just put: http://localhost:8000 in you will be able to navigate to the directory and open the index.html graphically.

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