How can I remove some columns in pdf export in angular js ui Grid


I am using Angular JS ui Grid

My requirement is that I want to show e.g. 5 columns, but when I export PDF, I don't want to export certain columns like username.

How can I do that?

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There is a gridOption to do exactly that: exporterSuppressColumns

I edited the plunker from the UI Grid documentation to demonstrate hiding the "Gender" column in the exported PDF:

Now whether you select export "all" or export "visible", you will never see the gender column in the output.

  $scope.gridOptions = {
columnDefs: [
  { field: 'name',visible:true },
  { field: 'gender', cellFilter: 'mapGender', exporterPdfAlign: 'right', visible:true, enableHiding: true },
  { field: 'company', visible: false }
exporterSuppressColumns: [ 'gender' ],

The documentation is here:

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Now here is a column that contains a button and needs to be excluded from the export

name: null,
exporterSuppressExport: true,
field: "fake",
cellTemplate: '<div class="tac"><a class="btn btn-red btn-xs ml5" ng-if="!row.inlineEdit.isEditModeOn" ng-click="grid.appScope.vm.deleteRow(row, $event)"><i class="fa fa-trash"><md-tooltip md-direction="left">delete</md-tooltip></i></a></div>',
enableCellEdit: false,
enableFiltering: false,
enableSorting: false,
showSortMenu: false,
enableColumnMenu: false,
width: 50,
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You can also just add the option exporterSuppressExport: true to the desired column in your columnDefs like this:

$scope.gridOptions = {
  columnDefs: [
    { field: 'username', exporterSuppressExport: true },
    { field: 'someOtherField' }
  // other options ...

Now only someOtherFieldgets exported.

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exporterSuppressExport: true


 name: 'Description', enableCellEdit: true,
 cellTemplate: '<div class="ui-grid-cell-contents"><div ng-class="{\'viewr-dirty\' : row.inlineEdit.entity[col.field].isValueChanged }">{{row.entity[col.field]}}</div></div>'

See here for more info

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