unbind an angular element


I have the following code inside of a directive and I want to make sure it gets cleaned up when the scope is destroyed. I've looked online as well as the code and I was wondering how do I unbind an element.

var window = angular.element($window);
window.bind("resize", function(e){


var abc = function() {};

var window = angular.element($window);
window.bind('resize', abc);

scope.$on('$destroy', function(e) {
    window.unbind('resize', abc);
Problem courtesy of: Blake Niemyjski


Unbind the function from window when the directive's scope gets destroyed. Hence in your directive, you'll invoke a clean up function on the scope's destroy's event:

$scope.$on('$destroy', cleanUp);

Create a cleanUp function and call the jQuery's unbind function.

There is an example in this SO entry, but with the off function instead (which seems similar to unbind, but unavailable in jqLite). Also per this SO entry, you might have to name your function as you'll need to reference it again as a parameter in the unbind call.

Solution courtesy of: jlr


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