Passing multiple parameters in an AngularJS route


I am trying to implement a angular route which should have multiple parameters. Here is an example of what I tried:

.when('/myRoute/paramA/:paramA/paramB/:paramB/paramC/:paramC', {
    templateUrl: 'abc.html',
    controller: 'pwrController as pwrCtrl'

Now the problem in this is that I need to always pass paramA in order to pass paramB. And paramA and paramB in order to pass paramC.

Is there any way in angular where I can pass paramA, paramB or paramC independently ?

Thanks. !

Problem courtesy of: Ateev Chopra


inject $location into your controllers and use that instead of routeParams

var paramA = 'something';
$'paramA', paramA); // write
// result http://localhost:3000/#/route/routeParam?paramA=something

$ // read whole object
$ // read one parameter
// result 'something';
Solution courtesy of: SoluableNonagon


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