Angular.js: How do I use ng-bind to display concat. elements of an array as a string?


I am new to Angular and have a basic question about ng-bind that I couldn't find in the documentation. My scenario is based the shopping cart app in the O'Reily Angular.js book and I cannot seem to get ng-bind to work.

Desired output: I need to modify my controller function so I can show my updated $scope.items array elements in a 'Grand Total' span.

Here is the function:

 function CartController($scope) {
    $scope.items = [
      {title: 'Software', quantity: 1, price: 1399.95},
      {title: 'Data Package (1TB)', quantity: 1, price: 719.95},
      {title: 'Consulting (per hr.)', quantity: 1, price: 75.00}

    $scope.remove = function(index) {
      $scope.items.splice(index, 1);

    $scope.reset = function(index) {
      $scope.items = [
      {title: 'Software', quantity: 0, price: 1399.95},
      {title: 'Data Package (1TB)', quantity: 0, price: 719.95},
      {title: 'Consulting (per hr.)', quantity: 0, price: 75.00}

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I would recommend making a grandTotal function on your $scope and then binding that, like this:


<div ng-app ng-controller="CartController">
    Grand Total: <span>{{grandTotal()}}</span>
    Grand Total: <span ng-bind="grandTotal()"></span>


$scope.grandTotal = function () {
    return $scope.items.reduce(function (p, c) {
        return p.price || p + c.price;

You can also use interpolation (instead of ngBind) as indicated in the first span.

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