AngularJS currency filter: can I remove the .00 if there are no cents in the amount?


I am following this: When I type 1234.56 in the field then the output should be $1,234.56. But if I type in the input 1234 then the output is $1,234.00. I don't want the decimal and the zeros to appear. How can this be done?

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Add a new filter:

'use strict';

    .filter('myCurrency', ['$filter', function($filter) {
        return function(input) {
            input = parseFloat(input);
            input = input.toFixed(input % 1 === 0 ? 0 : 2);
            return '$' + input.toString().replace(/\B(?=(\d{3})+(?!\d))/g, ',');

In your view:

<span>{{ '100' | myCurrency }}</span> <!-- Result: $100 -->
<span>{{ '100.05' | myCurrency }}</span> <!-- Result: $100.05 -->
<span>{{ '1000' | myCurrency }}</span> <!-- Result: $1,000 -->
<span>{{ '1000.05' | myCurrency }}</span> <!-- Result: $1,000.05 -->
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I prefer this answer as it keeps the commas to separate thousands:

Removing AngularJS currency filter decimal/cents

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If you want something quick and dirty, you can set the second parameter to the filter as such in order to trigger two decimal places when there are, in fact, cents to be shown:

{{amount | currency:undefined:2*(amount % 1 !== 0)}}

Quick caveat is that this only works roughly up to 10^14 since a loss of floating point precision will cause amount % 1 to return 0.

An alternative syntax, which works pretty much identically but is a little less understandable is 2*!!(amount % 1)

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This recipe can be found in it's original form on Stack Over Flow.