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$on event callback parameters

In my .run function I have something like:

$rootScope.$on("$routeChangeSuccess", function(event, args){...})

(Angular ver 1.2.10)

[edit] Where in the documentation can I find out what is passed for args for the event $routeChangeSuccess?

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Refresh scope on every x time using $timeout

I am a newbie to angular. I want to use $timeout of angular to refresh scope after few minutes. I am working on an social app where i need to refresh notification scope after few minutes. Getting notification from a http request using...

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ReferenceError: <module> is not defined when running Jasmine unit tests in Karma

I am getting a failed test with the error ReferenceError: dmeApp is not defined. Do I need to inject dmeApp into the test? I'm following a tutorial I found here:



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Can't open Angular app using file protocol in Chrome

Hi i have a problem with angularjs and chrome, this is the code:

   var angularRoutingApp = angular.module('angularRoutingApp', ['ngRoute'])

   // Configuración de las rutas


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Implementing angularjs directives as classes in Typescript

So after taking a look at some of the examples of angularjs directives in typescript, it seems most people agree to use functions instead of classes when implementing them.

I would prefer to have them as a class and attempted to implement them as...

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Angualrjs ng-src async image loading from a function call

I am wondering if it's possible to assign a result of a function call to an ng-src in an image?

Basically, I need to retrieve a set of thumbnails for a set of data from an aspx page, there may or may not be a thumbnail. So I need to show a different...

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Adding dynamic colors in ng-repeat

Just trying to get a handle on angularJS as was building a simple little app where you can make a list of people and in the list their names are colored. The color is chosen by a select drop-down box.

The trouble is any way I try to add the new color...

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Angular resource custom URL is using query strings and POST parameters

I've written a custom method on an Angular resource in my application for activating a user. The API endpoint is /users/activate and an activation code must be PUTed to this endpoint. This is what my resource looks like:


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AngularJS - ng-model fails on <span>

I'm learning AngularJS. I've come across something I can't explain, nor can I find any explanation for (or solution).

I have a simple AngularJS app and I am attempting to bind a <span contenteditable="true"> to a value, but it doesn't work. ...

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Dependency errors in Angular when creating an $http interceptor as a standalone module

Here is a working example of how I have set up an interceptor which attaches an authentication token to each request (this is more or less the example from$http)

angular.module("app", [])

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Make angularjs $resource return array of [OO] objects

How to make angularjs $resource return an array of objects derived/prototyped from specified domain object?

Here is an example on that processes a set of Notes objects.


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AngularJS : controller scope won&#39;t sync with promise

I've picked up a project and I'm trying to return some data from a service to my controller. I've been at this for about 12 hours, and have tried different methods. They all usually result in this same kind of 'missing data'.

I've tried

  • using...

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Angular way to open and close panels

In Angular if I had a few panels, similar to tabs how do you open the panel on click and animate it up, if I click a different panel new html is loaded in, but if I click an open panel it needs to animate down.

Almost exactly like ...

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Show a div based on if a date is less than 14 days away

I want to show a div of form fields in a form (containing reason for rush service) if the value of Due_Date is a date less than or equal to when the form is completed.

I have tried ng-if but it waits until the form is submitted to work and I tried to...

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navigation from one page to another in angularjs

I know i have already asked the same question but i am getting nowhere with this problem..I am trying to navigate from login page to next page...


<div id='content' ng-app='myApp' ng-controller='LoginController'>

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How to embed SVG image icon in input tag?

I'm trying to embed 'search.svg' image into textbox in AngularJS as shown in the image below enter image description here

But I didn't get expected result. It's rendering like shown in the image below enter image description here

I have tried - My html file

<div class="right-inner-addon pull-left...

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Angular UI Modal 2 Way Binding Not Working

I am adding an Angular UI Modal where I am passing the scope through to the Modal Window for 2 way binding. I used the resolve method to pass the scope value. Doing so works sort of works meaning when the ng-model value changes in parent, it reflects...

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ng-class on selected element Angularjs

I have a situation where i am sorting data on the basis of expression:

html :

  <li ng-click="expression = 'created_at'" ng-class="latest_icon: 'selected'" >latest post</li>
  <li ng-click="expression = 'popularity'" ng-class="popular_post:...

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Facebook comment plugin Angularjs

I am facing a strange error while adding the facebook comment plugin in my AngularJS app. The simplified structure of the app page is

<html ng-app="myapp">
<div ng-view></div>


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Angularjs $state open link in new tab

I'm trying to implement an "open link in new tab" function using $state.go function. It would be awesome if there was smth like:

$state.go('routeHere', {
    parameter1 : "parameter"
    }, {
    reload : true,
    newtab : true // or smth like...

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Angular.js promise not resolving when unit testing service with karma

I am trying to unit test an Angular.js service, and need to set an expect on a promise returned from a Mock service (using Jasmine). I am using the karma unit testing framework. The relevant code snippet is below:

// I can't figure out how to do the...

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ui-router dynamic template path

I'm using ui-router 0.2.8. I'm wanting to load a template based on device width. I can get the device width without issue, set it in the scope etc but I can figure out how to bind it to $stateParams. I have the scope variable in another controller...

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Image with src inside ng-repeat

I have a template like this

<div ng-repeat="product in products">
    <img src="{{product.Link}}" />

Each time this is regenerated it results in the browser clearing out the img and placing it back in again and will therefore...

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How do I bind to a custom event in an angularjs directive?

I am having trouble catching an event which is sent like this:


The directive below is on a div, inside the body:

  return {
    restrict: 'A',
    link: function(scope,...

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angularjs tab key press prevent default

Hi I have a input field that calls the funciton add_plu() when the tab key is pressed down. Although it works, it moves to the next element of the page (default action for a tab key).

How do I prevent the tab button from it's default behaviour? ...

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