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Angular / Ionic - controller only runs once

I'm starting out with Angular through the Ionic Framework but I am failing to understand why the controller only runs once i.e. I change state, the controller runs, change to another state and then back again and the controller does not run a second...

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Disable refresh browser in only one page using angularjs or javascript

I would like to ask if it's possible to disable the refresh of the browser in one page only using angular or javascript.

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AngularJS $ how to set the json data into request body

I am trying to send the post request with json data to server. But seems angularJS $ method does not set the data into body. How can I make it set the data into body?

The remote server is implemented use webapi and will read the data...

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Only allow certain number of characters to type in angularjs/ionic

I have this text field and i need to stop the user from typing more than the allowed character. Lets say i want the user to type only 10 characters and if he types more the text field won't take it.It has to stop getting input after the character...

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Convert object values into array the Angular way

I have the follow object:

 formData : {
       _id: "550de8956e2d0948080e220f" 
       category: "Tag1"
       isFeatured: "Yes" 
       likeCount: 557 
       title: "Integrating WordPress with Your Website"

I tried JavaScript but it...

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Mixed POST submit from AngularJS to Spring RestController

Basically I want to be able to post a form with some fields (JSON) and an attachment (multipart). Following is actually working code, the problem is that I don't like it so it mainly functions because of workarounds.

Angular controller


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issue with $watch on factory object

I have a variable socialRegisterFactory.pages set up in my factory that updates once information from FaceBook is fully loaded. I'm trying to $watch this variable in my controller so that when the info is loaded and when that variable changes from...

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How to get rid of Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token :

I am having a controller like this :

ListNewsCtrl.$inject = ['$http', '$scope', 'datacontext'];
function ListNewsCtrl( $http, $scope, datacontext) {
   $scope.realTimeData = [];
   var url...

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AngularJS Directive Two-Way Data Binding Not Working When Observing Boolean

I have a two-way data binding that is not altering the value of the variable sent to the directive.

My directive watches for a trigger and gives focus to the associates element (based on code found here at SO):

app.directive('focusMe', function...

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AngularJS - binding array value to input ngModel

I have $scope.myArray, and it's binding with an input field by ngModel and the expression {{myArray}}

My issue is when I modified myArray by call changeMyArray(), the input's value did not change. But the expression {{myArray}} is display new...

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Angular Bootstrap - Default tab active (dynamic tab)

I have an issue with Angularjs Bootstrap Tabs. I want a dynamic tab to be active by default but it seems I can't as long as I have a static tab inside the same tabset.

<tabset ng-init=" = true">
    <tab ng-repeat="tab in tabs"...

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How to add validation attributes to md-autocomplete angular material directive

I'm using version 0.7.1 of angular material. I'm using the autocomplete as described here: Autocomplete demo

However, it doesn't seem to support validation logic, even though it generates a textarea: Autocomplete directive documentation

I imagine...

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selected option into ng-repeat

I'm having the following script,

 <select ng-model="create.Category" class="form-control input-sm" name="category" required>
   <option value="" disabled="" selected="">Select Category</option>
   <option ng-repeat="cat in categories" value="{{...

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How to force validation to run on model when other model changes?

I have an input field with a number of $validators registered on it that updates the model. Some of these validators does comparisons to other values on the scope (which are also updated with input fields).

How do I force AngularJS to run these...

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Why am I getting Error:(45, 1) TS2304: Cannot find name &#39;angular&#39;. in WebStorm

I am just starting out with TypeScript and trying to add it to an existing AngularJS project.

I have 'excluded' the bower directory where angular is installed and downloaded the definitelyTyped definitions for angular in the preferences...

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How to apply an ng-if (or other conditional) in multiple &lt;td&gt; elements while keeping it DRY

I want to display a number of <td> elements based on the same condition. I am currently doing that with multiple, identical, ng-if directives, as such:

    <td> Display unconditionally </td>
    <td> Same here... (imagine more columns)...

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Detect Input text length in angularjs

I am beginner in Angularjs

<div ng-app>
  <input type="text" ng-model="Number"/>

I know can use {{Number.length}} to display input field length, But how detect length etc..

if (length == 0) {
  // do something
} else if (length == 1) {

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Not able to set column width in angular datatables

var app = angular.module('tableTest', ['datatables']);
app.controller('TableCtrl',function ($scope,$compile,DTOptionsBuilder, DTColumnBuilder) {
$scope.showUpdateForm = function(code,reason,startTime,endTime,transactionGroup,geoGroup,transactionGroup)...

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Ng-Show causing flicker

I have tried the following, but am still getting a flicker when using ng-show: Angularjs - ng-cloak/ng-show elements blink

I am using a template to load my top nav as follows:

<div data-ng-controller="userInfoCtrl">
   <a href="#!home">Home</a>

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angular ui-grid event: row selected

I am trying to enable/disable a button based on the selection of a row on a ui-grid. If there are no rows selected, the button is disabled.

I found this plunkr with the old ng-grid way of firing an event after a row is selected.


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Cant convert JSON to array in Angular.js

Hi everyone I have some problems with angular, I made a request in $http so i have a JSON like:


and I want to convert it to an array like

{y:1, a:0}

I'd already tried whit angular.fromJson(myData) but it doesnt works Hope...

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Hide/show an element in Angularjs using custom directive, ng-show and $scope

When a link is clicked in the app navigation a dropdown with ui-view content shows below each respective link.


   <div class="sc-dash-header">
        <a class="navbar-brand" show-nav-popup href="">download</a>

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How can I pass a Laravel variable into my AngularJS view?

I am building a small photo application to learn AngularJS 1.3. I come from a PHP background so conceptually this is rather different for me :)

I'd like to pass a variable (the URL of my photos folder) into my AngularJS view (an .html file). How can...

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Difference between angular.fromJson and $scope.$eval when applied to JSON string

In my angularjs apps, I usually parse a JSON string by using angular.fromJson, like so:

var myObject=angular.fromJSON(jsonString);

However, it seems that I would obtain the same result by using $scope.$eval:


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AngularJS -- Toggle class for only one element (ng-class and ng-click)

I'm trying to apply a class to only one element at a time (see this plunk).


  <li ng-repeat="item in listItems">
    <a ng-class="{'userActive': isActive, 'userInactive': !isActive}" ng-click="isActive = !isActive">L</a>

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