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AngularJS: Uncaught ReferenceError: angular is not defined app.js:1(anonymous function):

I have moved my AngularJS test project into app.js, controllers.js and Services.js. After it my project is not running and not even a single page is being working properly.

i have attached my main source files here along with exception...

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MEANJS : 413 (Request Entity Too Large)

I am using a MEANJS stack, I upload an image using ng-flow and save the imgsrc as base64 url.


Here is my mongoose schema:

var ServiceSchema = new  mongoose.Schema({
    name :...

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Chrome dev - Cannot assign to read only property

I'm building an app using AngularJS, MongoDB and NodeJS. My app uses the Mongolab REST API for CRUD operations. I'm also using Google Chrome Developer Tools for debugging.

Until today, my Update operations on mongo were working fine on both Chrome...

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how to add a table row as a template using angular js

I would like to add a row dynamically to a table. I would like to reuse the row in a few tables.

I tried doing this with a directive and by using ng-include but neither option worked as I expected.

Basically, this is what I...

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AngularJS + UI-Router - Manually Type URLs in HTML5 Mode without HashBang

I am currently using AngularJS with UI-Router for state management and express on the back-end.

I currently have hash bang mode enabled and have been trying to find a solution that allows you type URL's without the hash bang manually in the address...

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AngularJS - Error: [$injector:pget] Provider 'function ()' must define $get factory method

I am a newbie in AngularJS. I am doing an example from Pro AngularJS book by Adam Freeman, but got stuck with this error.

Error: [$injector:pget] Provider 'function ()' must define $get factory method. 

I'm at the point where I have to create a...

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Storing elements in an array in Local Storage using Angular Local Storage Module

I just need to store an array in localStorage and keep adding elements to that array so I could retrieve that stored array in my application. This must be a very simple thing to do with Angular Local Storage Module but it has got me troubling quite a...

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How to setup Angular example app in jsFiddle?

So I'm trying to setup my Angular app example in jsFiddle to get help on another bug, however I'm getting a new bug:

enter image description here

Added example in Plunker:

I wasn't...

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How to retain the variable's value of JSP using AngularJS

I am new to AngularJS. I am trying learn to pass the value of a variable to the angularJS. But for some unknown reason, I am not being able to do.

Below is the .jsp page which I think is correct:

<body >

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AngularJS - Factory - TypeError: Cannot read property &#39;getSpec&#39; of undefined

I am starting with AngularJS and i am having some issues when trying to use a factory from a controller.

I have the following factory

  .factory('factoryService', function ($http) {
    // Service logic
    var getSpec =...

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Angular.js: Set form fields &quot;dirty&quot; upon submission

How can I make a form input to become dirty as the form is submitted?

This is needed so that the input fields with an $error can be


    name: <input    type="text"

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Using the enter key as tab using only angularjs and jqlite

I have looked at multiple threads and tried a vast variety of solutions. Quite frankly I think I am losing my mind.

I have an ng-repeat with inputs. All that needs to happen is that when the user presses enter, it should shift focus to the next...

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Setting Width of Typeahead Drop Down in AngularJS project

I've been wrestling with the Bootstrap UI Typeahead control. I am trying to set the width of the drop down box at run time. The last SO question I asked dealt with setting the width of elements at runtime. While answered properly, the answer does not...

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AngularJS - Close modal function not working

I have made a simple pop up window by using ui.bootstrap but I can't seem to make the OK and CLOSE button to work. What am I missing in this sample codes?

Here is the sample code from plunkr

Thank you

**added exact code image

enter image description here

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How to access the sorted rows in an Angular UI Grid?

I am using the Angular UI Grid to display some data. Sorting is enabled and initialized as well as selecting a single row:

vm.gridOptions = {
    enableSorting: true,
    enableRowSelection: true,
    multiSelect: false,
    noUnselect: true,

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Return more than one result in modal angular js

I have an angularjs app. I added a button to my app and when a user clicks on it , a pop up screen is displayed. The user should choose from 2 drop down lists so i have two values that i need to send back to my service who opened the modal...

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AngularJS ngRepeat: how to differentiate even/odd elements?

I'm new to angular and trying to do the following:

<tr data-ng-repeat="element in awesomeThings">
<div ng-if="$index %2 == 0">
    <td class="even">
        <a href="#">
<div ng-if="$index %2 !=...

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Using AngularJS how to check a PDF file exist in a folder or not?

I have a list of students. For some students I have to show a link, and on clicking this link their progress card should load (it is a .pdf file). For others, the link should not be shown.

I have done this by giving the same student id to their...

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AngularJS ng-route how to make http request on resolve

I have a simple template with an input and an anchor link which, upon pressing it, will load another template. I want this second template to fetch the information via a http request.

I am using ng-route to redirect to the search template by default...

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Loading controller on demand using AngularJS and RequireJS

I'm using Angular UI-router and trying to download/load controller when the routing changes. I used resolve and category, the returns the js file content as string. I'm not sure to make the controller available to angular. Please help


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Angular Auth against Laravel backend

I am creating an app using Laravel and building a small internal API to connect to with an Angular frontend.

I have the auth working, but wanted to ensure that this is an acceptable way to log in a user, and to make sure everything is...

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Animation sequence using AngularJS addClass/removeClass

I'm trying to make an animation sequence by combining calls to addClass/removeClass.

After end of the animation method "removeClass" is called to remove the animation and start a new one. But for some reason, nothing happens. I'm trying to figure out...

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&quot;Object doesn&#39;t support property or method &#39;push&#39;&quot;

I'm trying to add new value into existing JSON object in AngularJS but I'm getting this error message:

"Object doesn't support property or method 'push'"

Here is my code:

$scope.addStatus = function (text) {          

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AngularJS Dynamically Update ng-style

I'm trying to set an initial background color on a set of div's that are created using ng-repeat. I also want to update the background color for each div on hover.

I'm able to see the correct color on hover, but I'm not sure how I can set the...

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JsonP returning &quot;Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token :&quot; AngularJS -

I've researched this question a ridiculous amount and would hope that someone can help diagnose what is wrong.

I've already tried looked at the following SO questions: (SO wouldn't let me post more than 2 links due to reputation, so i've just...

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