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How to use <md-icon> in Angular Material?

I am very new to AngularJS and also to Angular Material. I was wondering how to use Material's icons, as this is not working:

<material-icon icon = "/img/icons/ic_access_time_24px.svg"> </material-icon> 

I guess there is a problem with the path...

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How to set a boolean flag to collapse/expand a row with ng-repeat

I have this plunker code.

What I'm trying to do, is to display the gray box one time per row.

To achieve this, I thought to modify the partition filter in order to return a JSON to add it a new property by row to know if the gray box is expanded or...

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Angular TypeError: Cannot read property &#39;then&#39; of undefined

I have a data service like this:

this.myFunction= function(callback) {
    var url = rootURL + "path1/path2/service.json";
    var promise = $http.get(url);
        return callback(payload); 

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Where can I get Angular ui-grid selected items

Testing out Angular ui-grid (ng-grid v.3.0). Can not for the life of me find the selected row. I just want to grab the rows or even row ID of row when a user clicks it. Found the top comment here but I think this is outdated: Getting select rows from...

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Group item detail using AngularJs ng-repeat

I would like to perform a group by function inside of an ng-repeat

Given the following data:

var items = [];
items.push({ id: 1, widgetId: 54, colorId: 45 });
items.push({ id: 2, widgetId: 54, colorId: 72 });
items.push({ id: 3, widgetId: 54,...

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$q.all and nested promises

Have a question about synchronizing nested promises when using $q in Angular. Will the following code ensure that the entire chain of promises is waited for? Meaning will the nested calls to services that return promises be waited for in the $q.all...

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angucomplete in a form

Can I make angucomplete item in an html form? (in angular.js of course)
What do I need to put in selectedobject?

Tried this code but it doesn't do what I need of course:

   <form class="form-horizontal" role="form" name="AddShareForm" novalidate...

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AngularJS ui-router otherwise to state instead of url?

I am using AngularJS and ui-router and in my app.js. I have the following line:


However I do not want it to send the user to a URL but instead to a state:

            views: {

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Waiting for $rootScope value to resolve in Angular before page load

So I'm running into this problem where I'm using ngView and I have a navigation bar that is static throughout like so:

<div ng-include="'views/nav.html'" ng-controller="NavCtrl"></div>
<div class="container-fluid" ng-view=""></div>

This nav.html,...

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$timeout not working in angular.js

i am using $timeout in my controller but its not working!

app.controller("Friendsrequests",['$http','$log','$location','$timeout','$scope', function($http,$log,$location,$timeout,$scope){
//getting base url of application
this.baseUrl = function() {

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Angularjs databinding between factory and view

I'm having some trouble with databinding in AngularJS. In short I'm trying to link a variable from my factory to my view (the $scope). The factory (in my full implementation) listens to specific broadcasts and updates the variable, and the view should...

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AngularJS ng-bind needs to show variable + &quot;string&quot;

I've created an ng-bind element in my template, which displays a number rounded by one decimal. How do I add a % to the end of it, from within the ng-bind logic?

My code:

<span ng-bind="variable | number: 1" 

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How can a json file read in Android using Ionic and AngularJS Frameworks?

I have a problem now regarding about the json that can't be read in my android..

the json file is where my data is act as an static database..

I can get it with my Desktop but when it come to my mobile it didn't show..

Here is my sample...

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Slide down/up with ngAnimate?

I want to add simple slide done/up animation. As an example, if you go to Fiddle you can see left-side panel, where you can add external resources, Ajax requests and so on. If click on some of those you can see simple animated slide down effect. What...

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ionic scroll stops working after some using

i'm developing a ionic i have this issue of ionic scrolling not working after a while. when running the app in a device the scrolling is working as it should.but after sometime scrolling stops working in other forms in my application....

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Modal Using AngularJS not opening, getting TypeError: undefined is not a function

I'm trying to open a simple modal using Angular. I want it to open from an "About" link in my navbar. Here's the html:

            <div ng-controller = "ModalDemoCtrl">
            <script type="text/ng-template" id="myModalContent.html">

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Difference between Session Storage, Local Storage and Cookies in AngularJS

I would like to dig down into Angular, and for that i would like to know the difference between Session Storage, Local Storage and Cookies.

Problem Questions ---

1) $windows.sessionStorage can be used to store user session but the problem with it...

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Redirect state in angularjs

This is the state configuration:

    .module('grabhutApp', [...])
    .config(function ($stateProvider, $urlRouterProvider) {

            // ACCOUNT
            .state('account', {
                abstract: true,

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How to update ngModel&#39;s $modelValue based on the $viewValue update by user input

Say I have the following directive:

myApp.directive('myDirective', function() {
    return {
        restrict: 'A',
        require: 'ngModel',
        scope: {
            ngModel: '='
        link: function(scope, elem, attrs,...

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angular protractor: driver.wait and .then taking allScriptsTimeout time to return

I am trying to test an xmpp chat application, and having some difficulties testing the results of asynchronous operations. The test is trying to remove a contact from your roster (contact list), and driver.wait does not seem to be resolving when the...

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angularjs $httpProvider interceptor documentation

I am new to angular (and programming), here is a seemingly simple question but I could not figure it out.

some tutorials suggests using $httpProvider.interceptors.push('interceptorName') to manipulate the http request and response.

I want to know...

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Reload AngularJS Controller

I'm a newbie to angularjs.

My problem is that I have a User Controller for handling Login and Logout. I have also another controller to load a header menu for my site.

If the user logs in to the site my isAuthenticated variable is set to true. If...

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Bootstrap button loading text with Angularjs

In a non-angular application that uses bootstrap and jquery, I can create buttons like this:

<button id="saveButton" data-loading-text="Please wait...">Save</button>

Then, when the button is clicked, I can set it to it's loading state like...

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Set default value of select to null option

According to the Angular documentation, you can create a null option that is not part of your model. This allows you to have a descriptive option. I.E. in their example they have -- choose color --. How can I make the null option the default option? I...

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How to test angular $cacheFactory?

I am using $resource in an angular service. I want to use my own custom cache based upon $cacheFactory, rather than the built-in $http cache, so that I can manipulate the cache when responses arrive back from my REST service.

I am having great...

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