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Using ng-repeat on multiple arrays

I'm making a weather application but I'm stuck on what should be a simple task but I can't wrap my head around how this works since I'm new to Angular. Basically what I need is to iterate over two arrays at once and set some values from this...

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Failed to load PDF document - Angular JS - BLOB

I am trying to get PDF document from Web API, and want to show in Angular App. Getting "Failed to load PDF document error". I have followed "AngularJS: Display blob (.pdf) in an angular app" post. Whereas, i can download the same file successfully...

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Unable to make a $http.get request to a local JSON file using Angular

I'm making a weather application where I need to grab a local JSON file from within my controller and then do stuff with the data. However, I can't get a local $http.get request to work for some reason. What should I do?

This is my current code:


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Ionic Framework Twitter integration

I am presently working on a Project in which I have to use Ionic Framework for twitter integration.

I was using a sample program from ionic forum:

available at bitbucket: ...

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How to set focus to div of TextAngular

I'm using a TextAngular.

    ta-toolbar="[['bold','italics', 'underline', 'ol', 'ul']]"

I want to set focus by some condition, but I don't understand, how to do this.

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AngularJS / Ionic routing using $stateProvider - controller is not reloading the second time a state is called

Original Question

I'm developing a mobile app using the Ionic Framework and AngularJS and I am having issues with controllers not reloading once they have been initialised.

One of the state transitions (from 'app.postbox-details' to...

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Angular Calling Modal Open function from one controller to another

I have a Modal window in my header, with a Click event link in my header to open and close the Modal Window...and this works fine. I.e.

<div class="header" ng-controller="headerCtrl">
          <li><a href ng-click="open()">Report an...

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AngularJS ng-disabled not working with list items

I am facing a problem with disabling a item in the list.

<div id="searchdropdown">
        <li ng-disabled="someCondition" ng-click="changeStatus()">list2</li>

It does not work...

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Wait for async data before rendering a list on AngularJS and Ionic

I am a newbie on Angular JS but have good experience working with Javascript.

In my App I am creating a simple Factory fulfilled by JSON data coming from a web service:

.factory('Tools', function($http) { 
    var tools = {content:null};

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ionic slide box not working with ng-repeat

i need to use a ionic slide box to show some images in my application. I used ionic slide box it does not seem to work with a ng-repeat.

this is my html part

<ion-view title="Promotions" ng-controller="PromotionsCtrl">

     <ion-content ...

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How to use ng-repeat $index to find element in array

In my $scope, I have a property that's an array of cars appropriately name $ User has ability to delete a car. I pass the $index (created by ng-repeat) of the car as a parameter to delete function deleteThis, however in JavaScript function...

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How to run AngularJS on a web Server which invokes SQL Server Database Calls

I'm building my first Angular application with .NET.

I use VS 2012 and C# and SQL Server 2012.

I'm really excited about this but, despite the almost daunting amount of tutorials and docs available, I can't find a clear explanation of how to retrieve...

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ng-repeat to access array inside of objects

I have an array with a list of objects. Each object also including an array (see below). I am using ng-repeat to iterate through the child array for each object, I tried many different way, but it just don't work at all. Any hint, direction, help...

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Input value not visible in angularJS

This input value should be "Paris" but it does not display. What is wrong with my code?

(function(angular, undefined) {
  var mon_app = angular.module('mon_app', []);
  angular.module('mon_app').controller('monctrl', function($scope)...

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Reject $http promise on success

I have a function that that returns a promise of an $http GET (the promise success/error is handled by the invoker). What I need is, given certain conditions and even though the $http is successful, to return an error (the invoker would catch this...

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Angular JS generating PDF - any creator - maker modules?

As title says, is there any PDF creator / generator for Angular?

I have seen, but can't find any for Angular. I want to make an html page to a pdf file for download.

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How to redirect on different view on refresh in AngularJS?

i'm developing an application in AngularJS. Basically, i have a "home" page and a "new project". In the home page i have a menu with a link to "new project".

I configured the $stateProvider as follows :

$stateProvider.state('home', {
    url: '/',

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Parsing a CSV file provided by an input in Angular

I'm creating a webapp which features uploads of .csv file.

Instead of uploading the whole file on my server, then adding every lines in a table thanks to PHP, I'd like to parse the file in Angular, then add parsed lines (thanks to Restangular). This...

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Protractor - count elements in repeater and print it

I'm trying to count the elements in repeater and to print it to console.

This is the markup:

<div class="col-md-3 ng-scope" ng-repeat="app in userApps" >...< /div> 

currently I'm counting and comparing:

expect(element.all(by.repeater('app in...

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Angularjs ng-class not updating when using object annotation style

I just noticed that something doesn't work in Angular (or it doesn't as I expected it to work) when using object in ng-class.

What do I expect?

When changing the name of a property in the object, the class should update accordingly.

What did I...

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Ionic framework vs

What is the difference between Ionic Framework vs Framework. It is possible to use both framework in one project . Which One support smooth render graphic on mobile devices ?

Both framework support AngularJs?

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How to explain using browser.sleep in protractor

I'm a new to protractor,and I'm trying to test popover event, here is my code:

    describe('popover directive', function() {
        var buttons= element.all(by.tagName('button'));

        it('should show the popover title by clicking', function()...

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Configure Amazon S3 static site with Angular JS ui.router html5Mode(true) on page refresh

How can I configure an Amazon S3 static webpage to properly route Angular ui.router html5Mode routes? On page refresh, it will make a request for a file that doesn't exist, and angular can't handle it. In the docs, they recommend changing your URL...

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Angularjs - display current date and save it on a table

I got a view in angularjs and I'm just trying to display the current date.


 <input type="text" class="form-control" ng-model="lis.ModifiedDate" id="ModifiedDate">


$scope.ModifiedDate = $filter("ModifiedDate")(,...

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npm start returns error 127 while setting up angular-seed application

I am trying to setup angular-seed application.

I have installed nodejs with sudo apt-get install nodejs

Installed npm with sudo apt-get install npm

Installed bower with sudo apt-get install bower -g

Installed nodejs-legacy with sudo apt-get...

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